Our Dystopian Future 2035-50 – part 1

A world without the traditional passage of seasons as we know them now. The death of seasons has already begun. Violent changes between heat, rainfall, snow, storms, floods…a season less or an aseasonal world…

All coastal cities are uninhabitable..the rich have moved far inland to higher elevations by 2020s…the poor have either been washed away by sudden high surges of the seas / oceans or have become climate refugees living in shacks built on inhospitable terrain….allotted to them by the leaders mostly members of the deep state…

Huge tracts of Africa, Indian subcontinent, Central America, Middle East have become uninhabitable due to searing heat of over 40c for several months a year, with night temps around 35c and wet bulb temps above 30c… these vast terrains have become deserts, savannah, arid with virtually no vegetation, animals…some weird mutant cacti, underground insects and snakes are the sole inhabitants….

Most of the coastal and other cities within 100 km of the seas have become deserted wastelands….by 2025 all humans who could afford moved away to safer climes…where they started communes, towns with living structures which could withstand high wind speed storms… more than half of the cities which at one time were eloquent testimonies of the progress and peak of human civilisation were in discrepit state and ruins….after being battered by category 6 hurricanes and abnormal flooding… 

The ultra rich had built underground bunker cities complete with all they needed to lead their idle rich roman lifestyles. Some had even left earth for other planets after having converted into a cyrogenic state like in 2001  

All cities across the globe had by 2020 become nightmarish concrete jungles, heat sink infernos…. Sodom and Gomorrahs of the 21st century….filled with zombies who were mindless consumerists …fuelling the wheels of capitalism…it was a world run by the machinations of the deep state… which encouraged energy intensive lifestyles, air conditioned existences, addiction to internet, so called electric environment friendly cars…

media, tv, social media, entertainment juggernauts like Netflix, amazon ruled supreme… in fact the creator of Facebook mark zuckerberg had become president of the richest country….the top tech titans controlled the world … google, Microsoft, Facebook, amazon, apple… it was indeed the age of virtual dominance…digital addiction had reached frightening proportions … ppl in Japan had starting marrying Barbie robots…robot popn had crossed half a billion…robots were creating and manufacturing robots …. as if like their human masters and creators robots were procreating robots…mutants.. monsters.. it was indeed the age of singularity … humarobs … were also being created where humans had implanted chips into their brains and other body parts 

Population of the world had crossed 8 bn… more than 100% higher than the optimum popn which could be sustainably supported by the natural resources of the planet…the earth’s resources were being over exploited…in fact the sustainable resources were being depleted by July each year… due to prolonged famines in Africa, migrants were swarming all over Europe … the popn explosion was strangely coexisting with declining popn and infertility mainly among the richer, more educated segments of society…. while the burgeoning new births were mainly among the poorer sections and fundamentalist religious sects…which also fomented terror… there were continuous running fueds  between the two major religions of the world…where the fundamentalists mounted regular terror attacks on the western world…

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